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Sophie Marie Prideaux

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December 18th, 1954




Blanche has albinism, so everything about her is white; except her tattoos of course. Her tattoo's are black and are located on the outer side of both of her forearms, they are little symbols representing herself on her right arm, and of other mutants that meant something to her on her left arm.


French-Canadian, Albino

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Mutations and AbilitiesEdit

Photokinesis; The ability to manipulate light photons at will.

- Invisibility for an extended period of time. (Can also make objects/people that are in physical contact with her invisible as well.)

- Holographic copying. (Of herself only.)

- Strong Light Shields. (Can create translucent, physical shields of light for a short period of time.

- Weak Light Weapon Construction (Since she can create a physical shield of light for a small period of time, she’s working on creating weapons of light that will last for long time periods. She prefers creating weapons on the smaller/lighter scale such as brass knuckles, knives or side handle batons[tonfas])

- Situational Light Bursts. (She emits a blinding burst of light from her body if she’s in danger or if she feels threatened.)

- Can create orbs of light. (By using the smallest source of light she can create multiple orbs of light photons to illuminate large spaces and to create places of happiness/calm when she’s feeling down.)

Enhanced Dexterity;

- Enables her to maneuver her body in tight spots with her almost gymnast like flexibility.

- Gives her a very stealthy creep walk and an excellent balance; so she’s very hard to knock down in combat and detect while she’s invisible.

Albinism; The physical mutation that pertains to the absence of colour in her hair, skin tone and the iris of her eyes.


For now, I'll just say she's that stereotypical shy girl; but hey, she's not as innocent as she looks.

Sex, Romance, and RelationshipsEdit

Blanche did have a little girl crush on Mare , and she was going to act on it; but since his disappearance she's been a little on the lonely side. Considering she's terrible at keeping conversations, she doesn't really know anyone else let alone have a thing for them.


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Originally I had I used a picture of an unamed albino girl I found, but then I decided to use Saorise Ronan. Why? Because out of all the playby's my boyfriend suggested, I liked her the most; specifically because I liked her jaw structure. ((I'm a picky creep.))