Christophe Sawfile
"We Fates only knew each other by names, to tell the traitors from the allies."


Christophe Sawfile

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Climate Silverfate

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The Brotherhood






14th July 1890




Notable scars on his shoulder, after the encounter with Genevieve




"We were the top of our time, the best of the best. But we are only just names in the books of scholars." --- Christophe

Born in 1890, Christophe was just like a normal child, growing up with family, aspiring to be a hero from stories told by his parents. With a bright mind and controlled education, he soon became enlisted by 1912 to join the army. His known where abouts, however since then, haven't been recorded.

Mutations and AbilitiesEdit

  • Interspecial Shape-Shifting (1913)

Formally a powerful ability, Christophe isn't as pridefull as he once was with it. Due to his experiences and age, he's been known to become 'stuck' in a form with an unrecounted amount of time. It can span from a few hours to anywhere from a year.


Christophe is heavily sarcastic, bland and somewhat unresponsive to anyone who he doesn't see as a 'friendly' natured person, usually by uttering ego flattening curses. Though friendly and optimistic in most circumstances, he's been known to have a wide berth for personalities. Without the burden of a mental illness at hand, he just seems to have a 'knowledge' of different people, knowing which appraoch to use around them, be it defensive or offensive.

After some encounter with another member of the Brotherhood, only known as 'Doc' to him, he's become socially inept, sometimes forcefully changing his form to fend of those he's either not close to, or has a hard time getting along with. Very few and now cooperate with him.

Sex, Romance, and RelationshipsEdit

Christophe isn't much of a player, despite how he looks. Though charming and handsome he may be, most are disappointed to know he won't get serious with them unless it's a natural 'click'. But he is horribly protective of people, a natural instinct he's had since childhood. Terminally being partnered with someone, until that person is either killed or has moved on with another, Christophe keeps a close company like relationship, though very rarely it ventures into something else.

Known Companions
  • Alan Sawfile (Deceased) 1900-1910
  • Sarah Michaels (Alive; Married) 1920-1922
  • Sonjack Miles (Alive; Current) 1972

There is a possiblity that he has feelings for another member of the Brotherhood, outside his 'companion' feelings. It is unrecognised who it is, as the same protective nature has influenced their protection.


The only one of his remaining family members, Christophe was never to keen of changing it. When his brother died during the winter, he left his family and travelled with companions until they all enlisted into the British army. It is unknown whether he fathered or brough up an children.