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Jamison Marie Kestrel

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The Brotherhood




135 lbs


January 1, 1993 (she's from the future)




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Jamison Marie Kestrel, also known as Eagle, is a twenty four year old scientist from the future. She was doing a time travel experiment and when it backfired, was sent to 1972, with no way back. In her time, 2017, She's been out of her house for 5 years and her father is no where to be found and her mother in an insane asylum. Her mother is Rose O'Malley, also known as Falcon, and she has no idea about her father. She hopes to meet them before things had gone bad and her mother had gone insane, if even only a glimpse of both of them is what she got.

Mutations and AbilitiesEdit

Telepathy: Telepathy is the ability to transfer information from one mind to another, or to read minds without the aid of physical communication.

Ice Manipulation: The ability to reduce the kinetic energy of atoms and thus reduce temperature, can be used to control, generate, or absorb ice. he user psychically reduces the kinetic energy of atoms to reduce temperature. Some can generate snow by affecting air molecules. Users may move ice around at will (pause hail/snow in midair), shift ice to/from liquid or gas at will (freeze water), or form constructs and basic weapons from ice (hurl snowballs, shed icicles, manipulate objects covered with ice) at will. This may lead to inducing avalanches, breaking ice off of glaciers and the like. Users may even become capable of generating and sending forth a freezing beam. Due to the amount of water on Earth, they have a virtually unlimited supply of moisture since it is always present in the surrounding air or environment. Even desert air has sufficient moisture content for higher-level users to make temporary practical use of; however, the mental effort needed to employ such power under these circumstances could eventually fatigue them and render any freezing ability temporarily dysfunctional.


Jamie is a very friendly person, and very observant. She's promised herself not to become like her mother and slowly go insane from telepathy. She likes learning, even though most of her knowledge was obtained through telepathy.

Sex, Romance, and RelationshipsEdit

Jamie had a relationship back in 2017 with someone from the Brotherhood but here, she's hoping for a new start, knowing she can't return to her own time. She's currently single and interested.


Jamie is an only child. Her mother is Falcon and she doesn't know her father's real name or what he looks like in this time. She has his blue eyes though.


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