Sonjack Miles
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"An untracable storm"


Sonjack Miles

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12th January 1946




Burn scars across his torso and cheeks, and a noticeable leg injury




The most multi-personality orientated member of the Brotherhood, Sonjack finds it hard to belong in a place with so many friendly faces. Despite this, he tries to put on a bright and happy outlook, hiding the past that's destroyed his life and possibly his furture.

Mutations and AbilitiesEdit

  • Electricity Creation and Manipulation

The powerhouse ability that is within Sonjack's command, his electricity is as dangerous as standing alone in a field with an umbrella. It manifested in July 1956, age ten, after a trauma experience involving his 'parents'. However, under particular emotional stress, drug related effects and lightning storms, his power can become rather uncontrolable, sometimes preventing sleep and common sense withi his actions.

  • Tracking Evasion

The second ability of Sonjack's and its had proved its worth in many ways, helping him escape danger and redemption. But every great ability has a down side. As tracking evasion erases one's existance, it can be difficult retracing steps, and remembering where you came from, straining Sonjack further more in his life. But oddly enough, he remembered how to return to the Brotherhood campus, which he had serious doubts about.


It's unknown whether Sonjack actually has a multiple personality disorder, considering the symptoms are clear but it is heavily unproven to be true. They differ according to the influence of situations, but mostly a friendly child-like manner, teasing and helpful in nature. He has been known to be rather aggressive to others when proven wrong or if someone is danger, risking his life as if it didn't matter. Majority of the time, Sonjack's child-like personality has seen him into an assorment of troubles, that wouldn't be expected of someone his age.

Sex, Romance, and RelationshipsEdit

Affectionate ins odd ways, Sonjack tries his best to trust both genders, not doing so well with either. It puts a strain on any relationship, but he's held out with friends and potential lovers for some time. After the murder of Louise, his best friend, he couldn't bring himself to know anyone as close as he did with her, out of fear they'd end up dying because of him. He has, however, found a loyal companion in Climate, his faithful 'dog', and Surge, a close ally he has within the Brotherhood.


Sonjack's sense of family is nothing but a common misconception. Hardly one to call upon an 'adult' figure as a child, he was lonered most of the time, his 'parents' refusing to acknowledge his existance until 1956.