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Green skin. Cold to the touch. Large poofy afro.


African American & Zombie


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Vega's first memories are of waking up, alone, in a burned down home. She has no memories of her past or of her family. She doesn't even know her birth name. When wondering the midnight streets, a car drove past her. Catching the name briefly, she adopted it as her own; Vega. It's now the most real thing she can cling to.

Esentially, Vega is dead. She has no heart beat and very small bits of blood flows through her veins. Before her untimely death, she had no idea she was a muntant, or even knew what they were. This not knowing made her feel like a freak of nature. After attempts of suicide, she realized she would have to deal with this and that it wasn't going away. Through wispers of the underground, she came to learn about the Brotherhood. It was said there was a man there taking in others such as herself. So she set out to San Fransico and currently resides on the base.

She has a very bad memory. It's hard for her to retain much of anything. She will reconize people, but often forget details about them. Inside her pockets she carries scraps of paper, with which she write notes on. Also, she carries with her a brown backpack. Inside it she has her Polaroid Colorpack 80. A camera she uses to document people she has met and places she has been.

Vega has hoarder like tendencies. Her living space is very cluttered. Afraid of forgetting, she doesn't throw anything away. Her walls will have the photos she has taken on them, along with scribbled notes below them. She studies them every morning to refresh her memory.

Mutations and AbilitiesEdit

  • Regenerative Healing (Known)
  • Enhanced Strength and Durability (Unknown; Will learn with training)
  • Also, a form of Bloodlust. Human blood sends her into a chaotic rage that she can’t control. In this rage, she doesn't remember what she has done or realize what she's doing. Friendships and bonds do not matter to her in this moment. This mode is dubbed "Zombie/Bloodlust Mode". She gains enhanced dexterity, able to bend and move unlike normal people.


Normal Mode:

  • Vega is very kind and almost timid. Her memory loss makes her question who's she met before. She often second guesses herself and isn't one to take risks.

Zombie aka Bloodlust Mode:

  • In this mode her eyes go black and her movements quicken. Any kind of bond she has with anyone is null and void. She will attack in a frenzy without anythought of the matter.

Sex, Romance, and RelationshipsEdit

Vega is single. She often misses the warm embarace of another person's touch. Now all she's left with is her cold exterior.


She's trying to figure that out herself.


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